Telkom Call Charge Calculator


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Calculate the approximate cost of a directly dialled call from a Telkom telephone to:

  • International destinations,
  • Domestic destinations,
  • Cellular telephones (fixed to mobile), or
  • Any other chargeable Telkom service.

The default price plan setting is for ordinary, postpaid calls but users can also choose to calculate the cost of SupremeCall, WorldCall and PrepaidFone calls. However, please note that for PrepaidFone Waya-Waya services an additional surcharge of R0.70 (Incl VAT) per call will apply to every successful call.

SupremeCall is a calling plan that enables business customers to save on their total voice call spend. One of the main benefits of SupremeCall is that all calls made will be billed on a pure per-second basis with NO minimum charges per call! Per second tariffs are loaded on our billing platform with 5 digits after the comma, because of rounding , the Incl. VAT and Excl. VAT costs may seem to very similar when viewing short duration calls on this calculator. For more information on SupremeCall or per second SupremeCall rates please visit

The Call Charge Calculator is only an estimate of call cost. The actual billed amounts will be influenced by the change-over between the various peak and off-peak times for domestic, international and mobile/cellular calls, rounding, the adding of VAT, and other factors. Although an older start date can be selected please note that the effective date for international call tariffs is 1 April 2016.